PULO products

We believe sustainability is a must. Thus we design and produce light fixtures and furnishing only using
recycled oak and energy efficient LED bulbs.

PULO interiors

As interior designers we are passionate about minimalism and slow design yet our interiors tend to have a touch of hygge in their atmosphere.  

PULO light fixtures & furnishing details

The need to create led us to woodworking and made us fall in love with the lathe.  All products are own creations and production.

PULO interiors

We create complete interior design solutions, but we also help in furnishing,
stylizing and renewing ready-made homes and commercial premises.


The up-and-coming Estonian design studio.
"We are inspired by wood residue upcycling - this is how our light fixtures
and furnishings details are born. All our interiors are minimalist yet hygge."